This episode is all about movements. Do we need them? Are the ideas of the "Bitcoin community" and "the decentralization movement" more harmful than helpful? We take a look at how movements emerge, how they work, how they affect individuals and their goals.

Our guest this week is Max Borders, co-founder of Voice & Exit, a "Festival of the Future" for artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs promoting human flourishing and freedom through permissionless innovation. We talk to Max about the concepts of "voice" and "exit," how the event combines the atmosphere of a TED Talk and a celebration, and how the Voice & Exit team is building a decentralized model for the global growth of their "exiter" community.

Special Guest: Max Borders
Hosted By: Tony Sakich, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale
Produced By: Chaz Ferguson
Music By: Toni Leys

Hey, DECENTRALIZE listeners! Our guest Max Borders generously offered our listeners 20% off the price of a Voice & Exit ticket with the use of code "DECENTRALIZE". If you use the code when you register to attend Voice & Exit in Austin on June 20th, you'll also get a Voice & Exit t-shirt and a signed copy of the forthcoming book Holocracy by Brian Roberston.

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