The DECENTRALIZE team gets philosophical on this week's episode, launching directly into a wide-ranging discussion of the role of technology in humanity's future. We delve into the preservation of humanity's physical legacy in a digital age, the ethics of strong AI rebellion and the possibility of transhumanism, and the decentralized, antifragile qualities of technologies built to survive attacks from nation-states, asteroids, and Arnold Schwartzneggerian terminator robots.

Our guests this week are Blocktech Group CEO Devon Read and Ryan Taylor, frontend developer for the Blocktech Group's project Alexandria – a blockchain-based distributed digital library and publishing platform. We talk to our guests about the goals, challenges, and tools of the team building this ambitious project to protect the world's art, history, and culture from censorship.

Learn more about Alexandria and learn how to participate in what the Blocktech Group is building:

Special Guests: Devon Read and Ryan Taylor Hosted By: Chaz Ferguson, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale Produced By: Chaz Ferguson Music By: Toni Leys

Made with care by Eric Martindale.